Pumpkin Pickin

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall is the most wonderful season. The trees are the prettiest, the treats are the yummiest, the air smells the best, and the clothes are the cutest. But Fall is such a tease. It seems that as soon as we truly start to appreciate it's glory it disappears into whirl of snow.

Even though we are in school and busy with the regular hum of student life, I didn't want our dear Fall to go unnoticed...and my favorite Fall tradition just happens to be a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Growing up "the pumpkin patch" meant Greenbluff: A collection of all the best treats and activities that personify fall. We would ride a big tractor through miles and miles of the roundest and orangest pumpkins, find the harvest pumpkin that called to us the strongest, then wait for a ride back to the gathering place. Here we would run through corn mazes, sip on freshly pressed apple cider, and twirl around on the tire swing while mom and dad checked out the fresh produce that was for sale. After all this and a quick ride on the kiddy train our smiles were literally stuck on our faces (seriously, caramel apples will do that to you). Then we would all pile in the car with our boots covered in dust, and drips of caramel and other delightfully sticky treats down our sweaters and jackets, completely satisfied and full of the Fall-time spirit...

I might have had a mini breakdown this year at the thought of missing out on another trip to Greenbluff. The thought of buying our pumpkins at Broulims or another grocery-store/parking lot kind of killed the magic of the whole experience.

So, my lovely and sweet man of a husband gave up his tiling day in our bathroom to make a special trip to pick some pumpkins at a local farm...and because this was always a family outing for me, we invited my little sisters and his little brother.

We pulled up to the tiny farm with fresh doughnuts in our bellies and ready to step out into the wonderfully crisp, yet warm, October air. It might not have had all the Fall glam I was used to but it was the perfect Idaho Fall outing. We seriously could have spent hours (well we actually did) just roaming up and down the rows grabbing pumpkin after pumpkin... we seriously had arms full

In the end we had purchased 7 pumpkins, just between the two of us! Our house is ready for harvest season after all... And some veggies straight from the farm. I couldn't have planned a more wonderful day. 

 So obviously we had a blast (Mandy was there...she just had to ditch us early so she is absent from our plethora of pictures). And I would like to mention that Jessica is my favorite little iphone photographer, she never leaves us wishing we had more.

Aaaaaand we have something special planned for our pumpkin carving night...so stay tuned! Happy Fall...y'all.

PS: I would like to give a shout out to my parents and lone sister still at home who still practice our fav fall tradition!

 You guys, my dad is a pumpkin-head too!
What could be better than my family, beautiful pine trees, mountains, AND pumpkins all in one place?


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