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I have always loved blogs of all kinds: Fashion blogs, Book Review Blogs, Family Blogs, Craft Blogs, Work-out blogs, Recipe Blogs . . . literally love them all! I have toyed with the idea of creating a blog of my own for years, but the thing that held me back the most is that I was too afraid of what people would say or think . . . lame excuse right? And then there was the actual fear of blogger . . . man what a maze it can be to an inexperienced girl like myself!

But then I started hanging out with my Sister-in-law, Kim. She has her own cute little blog (check it out here), and kind of inspired me. She walked me through the beginning processes and showed me the simple ins and outs of blogging. And where is better to start other than the title? 

Obviously the title I went with was "Muir to Love." Why Muir to Love? Well, it is kind of silly really, but I have always lived each day searching for more to love in life, more to love in people, and more to love in myself. And I have found that there is ALWAYS more to love. 
Our last name is Muir, which sounds a lot like more, so being the cheeseball that I am, I simply replaced the word "more" in my little more to love philosophy and voila! Muir to Love was born.

I started toying around with the different little aspects of my blog...and finally started writing. 
I love to write, I really do. It is such a great way to get to know yourself, and express feelings you didn't even know you had. So you think I'd be a good journal keeper right? WRONG! I experience so many great things in life, that it would be a shame to let the tiny details slip away. So this is my own way to make up for my lack of journalling. Because let's be honest, it is much easier to sit at a computer (which most of us do anyways) and tap those little keys on the keyboard and just watch the words appear.

So simply put, this blog is mostly for me. To keep those important details of life close. To record those big events in life, and share the excitement with anyone who cares to read. To keep me connected to those family and friends I rarely see.

Those who read this blog will not find a whole lot of trendy outfits, at home work-outs, recipes and crafts (at least none that are too successful), or really inspiring and life-changing stories. 

But what you will find are the tales of experiences and changes that are ever evident in the lives of a young married couple, real-life stories about love and the scary truth about turning into true adults. Because honestly, we are just your typical young, poor, college kids that are constantly making a mess of things and simply taking life one step at a time. So if you would like to join us on our journey . . . welcome to the ride, and may you find that there is always "more to love."

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