The Muirs

Meet Kirby Lee Muir...

Husband, Daddy, Student, Rock Star, Chef, Comedian.

Kirby is a student at BYU-Idaho. He is planning to graduate in Exercise Physiology, and continue his schooling to become a physical therapist. 
Being in this major has deepened his love for gym time!
He is the ultimate daredevil, and has put his life in danger way too many times. A few years ago Kirby jumped off an 80 foot cliff and blew his knees out! While recovering from his surgery he had a serious infection that the doctors missed and almost took his life.
He loves any kind of adventure and is willing to try just about anything!
When it is warm enough Kirby drives his motorcycle anywhere that he can.
Kirby is the ultimate jokester and can make anyone laugh. His sisters in law cannot get enough of Kirby's incredible talent for remembering and quoting movie quotes. He has a quote for anything!
Along with that memory, his ability to mimic voices makes him the true catch.
He is an incredible musician! You will have to look far to find someone who cares about music the way that Kirby does. Trying just about every instrument out there Kirby found his deepest musical love in bass guitar. He plays with a couple of old friends in a band called Danny the Skeleton Horse. Check them out here!
Kirby can cook just about anything, and loves to create new recipes. He has become famous for his salsa (among friends and family) that is different and amazing every time he makes it!
Kirby is quite a nerd, loving the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars is just part of who he is! He also loves to read just about any book you place in front of him. Kirby also found a unique love for chemistry, and sometimes thinks he wants to be a Chemistry Professor...
Being a typical boy, Kirby could watch/play sports all day long!
When it comes to treats there is no question that Blue Bell Ice-cream has stolen his heart. This love started while he was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Houston, Texas.

Meet Madison Page Muir...

Wife, Mama, Teacher, Hopeless Romantic, Book-Lover.

Madison is a student at BYU-Idaho. She is studying Elementary Education and plans to go on to teach any grade from K-2. She loves working with kids, and learns from them everyday!
She is currently working as a secretary at BYU-Idaho.
Madison is all about the cheesy romantic stuff, and loves her husband even more! 
She loves to visit new places and looks forward to the adventures her and her husband will share in the future.
Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July and she could eat cherry-flavored candies every day of her life.
Madison loves surprises! Whether she is the surpriser or the one being surprised, it does not matter.
Ever since she was little Madison is happiest when she knows she has a book to turn to during any free-time.
Madison loves to dance, while she does not formally dance anymore, she still dances around everywhere she goes. Before college Madison was an Apprentice for the Professional Ballet Company of Spokane, WA. 
Madison loves to shop and loves all things fashion, as long as they are on sale!
Madison loves the great out doors. Growing up surrounded by pine trees has made her a true lover of nature. From camping, to hiking, to just laying out under the stars, she finds joy in it all.
Her favorite season is fall. Nothing smells better than a crisp fall day!
Madison also loves to sing, all the time, no matter where she is, or what she is doing. She also enjoys playing the piano, and wishes she had practiced more as a little girl.

Meet Henry James Muir...


Henry is the source of all smiles and love in the Muir household. He is constantly growing and changing, meaning that if I get too specific here I will have to update this every day! So, just to be safe, I'm going to stick to the generals here.
Henry James was born August 13, 2015 in Texas.
In this picture Henry is somewhere around 4 months old. He has such a big personality for such a little human, and brings a smile to anyone who meets him.
He somehow always manages to smell incredible. He loves to be snuggled and given lots of attention.
Henry wants to be just like his mama and dada. He is always reaching for our food, or phones, or anything else that we seem interested in.
His bright blue eyes are always big with wonder and excitement.
He loves music, milk, and his mama's hair.

Read current blog posts for updates and this constantly growing little boy

The family looks forward to the many years they will share in this lifetime, and are thankful for the chance to include you in some of the fun!

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