Birthday Boy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My birthday boy is the cutest, most giving, caring, and understanding boy out there. 
 I don't know how I was lucky enough to be able to have the chance to always and forever be the one celebrating all future birthdays by his side.

What is more worth celebrating than the fact that your one true love has been given a life on this Earth? Well the answer is nothing.

July 22nd is one day worth celebrating to it's fullest extent!

I am a firm believer in breakfast in bed, especially on naturally that is where the festivities began.

Kirby is normally better at this, he can sneak out of bed and bang around as much as he wants without fear of waking me up, creating the perfect breakfast and the perfect surprise. When it is my turn to be the one doing the surprising the situation is a little trickier...(One of these days you should hear the story of our first Valentine's Day, major breakfast in bed failure on my part). Kirb is a very light sleeper, so on the off chance that I do manage to even wake up before him the odds of me sneaking out without waking him are very slim...but if he does wake up he is always good at pretending to be asleep, or at least staying in bed. So at least the "in bed" part is always safe, even if it isn't such a surprise.

This year, the choice meal was a no brainer...when you live in Texas you get a Texas-sized Doughnut for your birthday breakfast. Case closed.  

After literally slicing pieces of the doughnut off and eating it like a cake we donned our swimsuits and headed down to the pool for some birthday-uncle/nephew-pool-playtime (because who doesn't like wearing a swimsuit after eating a huge doughnut?) Then just like any other day it was time to send him off to the meeting while I quickly prepared his favorite dish for lunch.

Lunch always seems to be the shortest half hour that ever existed, let me tell you! But it came and went full of happy scarfing and rushed kisses as he ran out the door.

(I must admit one thing...whenever uncle Kirby is around he is definitely first choice over me...whenever Kirby would try to hand Lincoln off to me all he would say is "no no no no no no..." shaking his head the whole time until Kirby took him back.)

Kirby got plenty of birthday kisses from our two favorite boys...and a beautiful birthday picture from Dominic.
But the real "party" wasn't until late at night, after work, and after presents...

...and by party I mean we went to Top Golf.

I am not a all I can say is that I have been mini-golfing several times, and had maybe hit a few balls when I was like 10, so I was a little weary about going to this foreign place. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew that Kirby had been waiting for a chance to go and I figured I would try to be the fun wife and plan something he was sure to enjoy on his birthday (big of me, I know).

The funny thing is that I can honestly say I had just as much fun as he did. Seriously though.
It was not at all what I had expected, way fancier, but more laid back than I had pictured, and definitely way more fun.

Plus I had no idea I married a pro ;)

And I didn't know to expect this either but they served us yummy food in our comfy little booth...a sure way to our hearts. 

We were smitten. 

And are definitely going back.

I am thankful for yet another year spent with this birthday boy and look forward to all future birthdays we get to spend together! Each day with him is a blessing, and I owe so much of who I am today to July 22nd and the life of this wonderful man.

Happy Birthday my Kirby Lee Muir, I am all about you.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This past weekend was a wonderful step away from our monotonous routines.

The office we are with this summer has been split into two, half of us here in Austin, and the other half in San Antonio.

For the past week or so guys have been traveling back and forth between the two areas to sell. My Kirby was sent to San Antonio Tuesday of last week...we spent one night apart and decided it wasn't any fun. I was way too cold in bed without my snuggle buddy, and he was feeling sluggish from the lack of fresh food and increase in fast food. Plus let's be real, we missed each other.

So the next night he caught a late night ride home, only to leave early in the morning to be back up there for another day's work. We quickly realized this situation wasn't going to work, and it would be best for him to stay. 

That same day a dear friend who is with the San Antonio half of the office invited me to stay with them for the weekend (which quickly added up to a bit longer). 

What a blessing. 

I packed (possibly over-packed) for Kirby and myself, and started the bumpy little journey from one Texan city to the next.

The husbands of course were still busy busy bees but we managed to have the most incredible time. Within those 5 nights we ate some of the yummiest meals (homemade by our gracious host as well as some fine dining out!), went to 6 Flags (both of our first times and we loved it), explored a little of the shopping scene, and enjoyed our great company through treats galore, movie nights (video games for the boys) and everything else that comes with having friends around.

It was definitely hard to leave when Monday morning rolled around, but we returned refreshed and ready to step back into routine!

A big thanks to Alison and Treagan for making our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We look forward to more time spent between here and there!

Texan Summer: Month 3

Friday, July 11, 2014

Well I might be a couple of days early, but month three is practically over...which means just over one month left! This month has truly made me fall in love with this city. Austin seems to have a hidden gem just waiting to be found around every corner, and I plan on discovering as much as we can before we leave! 

So anyway, here are the updates/life lessons/who-knows-whats since my last update...

Beat the Heat

Something you might not know about Texas is that it gets super hot...haha just kidding everyone knows that! But that doesn't make facing the heat any easier, let alone beating it. 
So here are the tricks I have learned to help beat this crazy heat!

#1: Take a dip in a refreshing pool.
I must admit that morning lap time is my new favorite cardio.

(Side note: Most of you know I have been on a long journey to healthy hair, so I have learned a few easy tricks to keeping your hair safe from those dang pool chemicals - so for those who are interested: I dump a little water from my water-bottle on the ends so they don't soak in the chlorine, I don't get all the way in on the first day after washing my hair because the natural oils also keep the chemicals from soaking into the strands, and my favorite product and safe guard is a UV protectant - since pool time is usually accompanied by sunshine!)

 #2: If you are more of a sunshine soaker than a pool diver, make sure you have the proper tools for beating the heat!

The farther we get into summer, the hotter it gets, and the less patience I have for laying are the tools that help me make it through on the days that I brave it.
1: A book you can really get into to take your mind off the fact that you are melting!
2: Some nice cold water...hello hydration! This water bottle has been my constant companion all summer.
3: Some dark shades, no one likes to be a squinter!
4: Maui Babe Browning Lotion, my one and only...if you are going to endure the heat might as well have a great tan to show for it!
5: A refreshing/healthy snack to keep you satisfied enough to outlast the sun.
6: A hat for when the shades start to slide off your sweaty face (it's inevitable).
7: A soft, large beach towel! Let's face it, the hotter it gets the more uncomfortable that lawn chair starts to feel, so why not cover it up?
8: Whenever possible find a poolside buddy to keep you entertained...and if you are lucky find one as handsome as mine ;)

#3: When all else fails, Blue Bell Ice-cream on the go is a sure save to a scorcher.
Linc knows what he is doing.

Roll it and Pull it

Two things you may or may not know about me are that I have a major sweet tooth and that I love to bake...and that, my friends, makes for a dangerous combination. 

I hardly ever have time to waste in the kitchen during the school once summer hits a monster of sorts is unleashed.
Let's just say it is a good thing that we have friends here so we don't have to eat my experiments all by ourselves...get ready for food pics galore.

This past month I have:

...found my new favorite ice-cream recipe! Brownie cheesecake about yum. I have literally made 4 batches of this stuff and it seems to disappear as soon as it is finished.

...discovered that funfetti cookies from scratch are just as pretty and taste even better than from the box.

...put those lemon/raspberry cupcakes I love so much to good use.

...found my new favorite rich chocolate cupcake recipe
...and last but not least I finally had the guts to make a cheesecake by myself, a samoa cheesecake that is ;) HOORAY

Night Owls

When Kirby and I make it out together it is usually 11 or later, which seems to be when downtown Austin comes alive. On this particular night we headed out late with a couple of our closest friends out here and drove up and down 6th street (where clubs, bars, and crazies on bicycle carts are all you can see) just to feel like part of the action, stopped for a slice of some of Austin's most famous pizza, and then of course had to hit up the trailer park eatery for some delicious food truck doughnuts.We probably gained 10 pounds but who is keeping track?

Tell me eating this isn't worth gaining 10 pounds, and I won't believe you.
A soft Gourdough's Donut with coconut cream filling, hot fudge, and coconut flakes on top!
(my mouth is definitely watering as I type this)

We seem to be surrounded by the yummiest Tex-Mex out there. On one of our other late-night outings we discovered Baby-A's, conveniently just down the road from us and is surprisingly home to our new favorite - the stuffed avocado and the flying pink elephants.

July Babies

Apparently July is the month of birthdays in this office (including someone special named Kirby), so we had a fun little celebration to kick of the birthday month! A cake for each birthday boy and girl (the reason for the cheesecake), a pool full of friends, and lots of love to go around. 

Happy early/late birthday to Kirby, Zak, Pace, Justin, and Jacque!
I am so happy to have such great people to spend the summer with.

I can't wait to see where the rest of this birthday month takes us!

This Month's Who Knows Whats

When I thought he was at his meeting he was actually being sneaky.
I about had a heart attack when he pounded on the door.
What a sweetie. 

 I think that the cast of the lost boys was missing a certain little boy named Dominic.

So I guess some holiday happened to be this month... (details in previous post)

Lincoln has found his true calling. 

Congratulations to this little fishie, he has completed his first round of swim lessons!

I had a migraine and Kirby had a Dominic brought us a special treat and a movie to help us get better. Melt my heart.

Uncle Kirby and Dominic have a hard time hiding exactly how they feel from their face.

Oh and I fell in the oven. This burn is still giving me grief. 

So I guess other than that all there is to say is that we LOVE our nursery kids and look forward to every Sunday with them, we miss our family and friends and can't wait to see them, Kirby and half the office is super sick (don't ask me how I managed to stay healthy) oh and Obama came and ate at our favorite cafe downtown so life is still weird here in Austin, and that's the way they like to keep it.

Now is when I would normally say "until next month!" but considering that a special boy of mine has a special day coming up I am afraid I would be deceiving you if I acted like that wasn't post worthy.

So until July 22nd!

Love you All,

Madison Muir

land that I love.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

 It is all too easy to take for granted the blessing that this country is and the significance of living in a free land. We owe so much to those who devoted their lives to shaping this great country, and to those who continue to sacrifice all that they have. So I just wanted to get in a quick thank you, to all those men and women, past and present.

Thank you.

Now...for those of you who don't know, the fourth of July is my favorite holiday, let's just get that out there.

It is my favorite for several reasons, mostly for the memories and excitement that accompanies the day...and also largely because fireworks are near the tippy top of my most favorite things list.

Plus who doesn't love a holiday that falls in the middle of the summer?
Growing up the 4th of July meant Nana's homemade ice cream, kickball and BBQ with our closest friends, watching fireworks from the middle of the lake, Papa's birthday and all the fun that comes from a summer night full of the best of friends, family, and explosions.

So naturally I love it.

I would also like to give a huge shout out to all those Wibergs out there! Kirby and I are the only two who could not make it to Grandma and Grandpa's this year...which we wish we could have changed! 
I am sure we missed out on a lot of fun, and hope everyone had the best Fourth of July!

Kirby and I have spent the fourth together for three years now, each time in a different part of this great country, and each time I am forced to remember how lucky I am, for this land that I love and my own personal American dream I live each day.

This year the whole office was able to go out super early in the morning in order to end the day early as well and be home at 5! (It's truly a miracle, I know!)

At least he got to show his patriotism on the doors...


The other wives and I had planned an office wide BBQ for when the guys got home, which was a blast and if I might add, extremely delicious!
We then packed our best big blanket, a ton of sparklers, and our most patriotic spirits and headed to catch a firework show with our friends! (have I mentioned how lucky we are to be surrounded by such great friends? Well, let's just say we have it good) 

But you know how everything is bigger in Texas? That included the amount of people trying to see fireworks. IT WAS A MADHOUSE. We thought we would be smart and catch a show that wasn't in the crazy downtown area...but apparently there is no such thing as a firework show that isn't crazy here.

People were camped out on their cars all along every road, blankets and lawn chairs were laid out in front of gas stations, restaurants, and just about anywhere you could squeeze. 

We found ourselves laying our blankets down outside of Torchy's Tacos watching some dinky, distant fireworks for a while until we received news that the other half of our party had found a much better we jumped in our cars, somehow made it through the traffic (might have ran across the highway a couple times while the cars were at a standstill) and as soon as our backs hit the ground the first boom of fireworks started directly in front of us. 

It was magical.

Also remember the "tons" of sparklers we brought? Well we definitely used every last one.

I think that it is safe to say that chasing fireworks all night with the love of my life and some good friends will make this a fourth to remember.

Hoping you all had the most wonderful 4th!

With love,


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