Christmas 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

Isn't it funny how much shorter my blog posts have become since having Henry? I rarely find enough time to sit down and type out my thoughts and experiences. This Christmas was magical. Being able to share the most wonderful time of the year with our new babe made it all the more wonderful. 

We headed to Spokane for almost the entirety of the break and it was a much needed escape from Rexburg. We ate so many yummy treats, I'm pretty sure I gained back every pound I had lost since Henry's birth, and then some. My mom definitely did not disappoint in the yummy department. We did some shopping, played lots of games (aggravation anyone?), went sledding, saw a movie, celebrated my birthday, visited my extended family on both sides, received and gave lots of great gifts, but mostly we just enjoyed some down time with my family in my childhood home.

Henry loved opening presents (he was anxious to rip the wrapping paper off so that he could eat it). This little boy was spoiled, in a good way, with the sweetest and cutest gifts a 4 1/2 month old could receive. Kirby and I could say the same about our own gifts!

Christmas morning, after gifts, we packed ourselves back up for a quick trip to the tricities. That night we had some delicious Petersen family traditional Christmas food (Mexican, cabbage salsa, multiple cakes and cheeses, the usual). We completed the gift exchange, ornament exchange, and peppermint pig. This year Kirby's favorite memory (to be shared with the family when it is your turn to hit the pig) was the sweetest, all about watching how strong I am and all that mushy gushy sweet stuff that I love so much. 

The next morning, we had a brunch party with the Wiberg family. I seriously am such a lucky girl to have so many great people in my family, and to have the chance to see them all. We had even more yummy food, goofed around with the cousins...snap chat is a family fav these days, and got even more thoughtful presents for ourselves and Henry.

Needless to say, when it was time to head back home to Rexburg it was hard to leave the comfort and ease of my parents house. I love them so much! Thank you for a marvelous Christmas!

My decorating partner.

Our house all decorated for an empty Christmas.

Christmas Morning

At the Petersen party

The Peppermint pig in the flesh!

My dad got this for Christmas...and this is what happened when I left Hen with them.
Dad filling out the Christmas Cards.
I have never seen so much baking in my life!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Having a birthday two days before Christmas can be kind of a downer. But I love the knowledge that I will always be surrounded by my loved ones on my birthday! This year, honestly was the best birthday I can remember having in a while.

Kirby had plans to go to a special private premier screening of Star Wars, but the showing was in Utah the day before we were to drive to Washington for the break...but he was set on going. He changed his plans last minute in order to stay home and help me get ready for the trip AND so that he could go to the show with me, because he knew how much it meant to me. Star Wars in 3D was our very first date, and I loved the idea of being able to relive such a special night.

On my birthday my parents kept Henry home with them while Kirby and I were able to explore downtown and go to the movie! Then, back at my parents, I was given the most incredible assortment of gifts. I know I took a picture of them, but can't seem to find it. Among the gifts were Season 1 and 2 of Pushing Daisies, a bottle of Diet Coke, a bunch of adorable goodies from Anthropologie, the comfiest clothes, and a new pair of black and white Nikes from Kirby! Seriously, couldn't have been more perfect. 

On top of the time alone with my husband, and the best gifts, my mom had slaved away on making my favorite treats, including breakfast casserole and cherry tarts! I was in heaven.

I sure am one lucky girl, and can't wait to spend the rest of my birthdays with the family that I love so much.

Henry - 4 months

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Our little bugger is growing so quickly, in every way possible.
His personality becomes more and more pronounced with each passing day.
He is literally at the top of the charts in height.
His thigh rolls are getting deeper and deeper and more and more yummy.
He is just blooming before our eyes and it is so exciting, and heart breaking at the same time.

He is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room (I am too much of a baby to move him into his nursery quite yet.) and loves to be swaddled.
He is still living off of his mamma's milk and nothing else.
He is such a snuggly, lovey little boy and I will never get tired of holding him all day!
He is learning how to blow spit bubbles, and is just discovering his own feet.
He coos and gagas about everything, sometimes I will wake up in the morning to the sound of him talking so sweetly to himself.
While he is still sleeping all night, the 10-12 sleeping habbit has turned into a more average 8 hours, but when he wakes up and I still want sleep (I just need to get in bed when he does, but that's mine and Kirby's only alone time!) I just rock his little bassinet for a bit and he normally will fall right back asleep.
He is not afraid of strangers at all, and will snuggle and smile for anyone who shows him love and attention...but obviously prefers his mamma and daddy.
He is so very interested in anything that I hold...especially if it is something he sees me eating.
He will stick anything he can fit into his mouth right on in, but his favorite thing to chew/slobber on is one of my fingers.
Why all the drooling and slobbering? Well, he is teething. This whole time we figured it was getting one tooth in on the top...but doc says it's the two on the bottom (shows what first parents know eh?)
He loves his play mat, his mamaroo, and when his mamma dances and sings silly (which is more often than not)

He is in each and ever prayer that I say, dream that I have, and decision that I make.
I love him and that is worth everything to me!

Christmas Pictures 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My sweet sweet friend, Ella, who was terribly sick, stood out in the freezing snow to capture these pictures in time for me to print and mail out Christmas cards. I couldn't have been happier with the way our little shoot turned out!

3 Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I will never ever get tired of telling you all just how wonderful, sweet, and thoughtful my husband is. He keeps me amazed!

This year we stretched our anniversary out over 2 days in order to shorten our time that we had leave Henry in someone else's care.

Kirby's mom was on Thanksgiving break at school so she graciously came over to watch Henry the day before so that we could go to the temple (our ongoing and favorite anniversary tradition).
The temple is such a magical place, and brings us closer as a couple with each visit. We participated in some sealings this time around, and it was marvelous to be reminded of those sacred promises that we made three years earlier.

The day of our anniversary, Henry and I woke up after daddy had left for class, to find a beautiful spread of presents laid out on the table. Kirby's presents are always so meaningful and well thought out. I had been BEGGING to put up our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, since we were leaving to spend the holiday in Washington with my family so early. He kept denying my requests, and I honored his wishes. So when I saw the gorgeous Christmas decorations and a copy of my favorite Christmas movie sitting on the table I just about melted. Farther down the table were some darling additions for my somewhat-newly finished bathroom (a room that I have been wanting to update the knickknacks in for a while). One of my favorite pieces on the present table was a GORGEOUS necklace. I love that Kirby always wants to pick out what he gets me without any help, and he always gets something that is just my style. And of course some perfect roses (and then even more when home with him from class). I definitely have a sweetheart to call my husband.

My sweet little sis Jessica watched Henry so that Kirby and I could go check out the new sushi place in town, for lunch. We were pleasantly surprised, and so blessed to be able to spend some alone time in the middle of the day! Then, that night we bought some of our favorite candies, dropped Hen off at my in laws, and went to the final Hunger Games movie. Now, this movie might not seem like the most romantic of movies, BUT on our first anniversary Kirby planned the entire day to please and surprise me, and knowing how much I love the Hunger Games books, he took me to Catching Fire. And since all of the movies have come out in November since then, it became a sort of tradition to see one movie in the series each year.

I love my husband oh so much and am so lucky to be able to spend eternity with him by my side. Thank you for choosing me, Kirby Lee Muir!

My Family Came!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guys, My family came for the weekend and it was wonderful! I wish we could see them more often. At least now that we have Henry they have a good excuse to come visit more ;)

This time around was very chill. Other than pizza, card games, Cocoa Bean, and a gorgeous, snowy trip to Mesa falls we really just sat around and caught up. It was just what the doctor ordered!

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