Farewell to the Bump - Photoshoot

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A couple days before I hit my 39 week mark, and our beautiful baby joined us, we took some pictures of the big old belly. I'm not going to lie...I kind of miss it. So here they are, farewell bump!

Pregnancy Recap

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1st Semester

Big News:
Well...we are having a BABY, that is some pretty big news. We are loving the cute little peanut on the ultrasound pictures...and that tiny heart beat is the sweetest thing!

We haven't felt any baby movements quite yet.

Body Changes:
I now have a tiny belly, mostly I just look like I am constantly bloated.

I just can't get enough of those cool ranch Doritos, lemonade, or peach passion Jamba Juice!

Don't even say the word pesto around me (just typing this is making me stomach churn).

Morning sickness
Nausea all day
Soooo unbelievably tired
Sacroiliac joint pain

Life Events: I started my student teaching with a 6th grade class!

2nd Semester
(more detailed report in this post)
Big News:
It's a BOY!

We felt the first little movements on Easter, and he has been dancing since!

Body Changes:
I look like a ball is stuffed under my shirt, and my belly button started to become an outie near the end of this trimester!

Berries and Peach Jamba Juice

Anything too seasoned or spicy leaves me with crazy heartburn.

Morning Sickness
Constant Nausea
Contractions whenever I change positions or have a full bladder.

Life Events:
I'm officially a college graduate! YAY! And we moved to Texas! YAY!

3rd Semester 

Big News:
I was dilated to 1 cm at 37 weeks. I also had an extra ultrasound which showed baby was already 7 lbs!
At my 38 week check-up I was dilated to a little over 2.5 cm! I told the midwife that I feel like this baby will come early (really I just want him to be here so I read into every little thing and take it as a sign of oncoming labor)...and she said she does too! She told me she is adding me to her "watch list."

Hiccups are so cute and started at about week 30.
The last few weeks I could feel his little hands moving in my pelvis!

Body changes:
Crazy big belly!
At about week 34, faint and tiny stretch marks appeared on my sides (I thought I was going to be safe but they snuck up on me! luckily they are not very noticeable)
My belly started shrinking after week 36 because little boy was getting so low!
I lost the "plug" on August 6th...the first day of week 38.

Bagels with strawberry cream cheese.
Cooked carrots
Orange Juice

Just that dang pesto!

Morning sickness officially ended at week 35...but had died down considerably before that!
Sacroiliac joint pain off the charts! My sweet husband has had to carry a hysterical me to the toilet in the middle of the night a couple of times
Sore back.
My feet start to swell a little if I am on them for too long, but nothing too crazy.
Some days I have to go without wearing my wedding ring because my fingers are a little swollen...but I blame part of that on the heat too.
I LITERALLY pee 5-7 times a night.
Nesting is a real thing guys!

Life Events:
My sister got engaged!

This last trimester I napped almost every day. I also had so much fun washing and folding all the teeny baby clothes! I started packing my bag for the hospital at 35 weeks and have been slowly adding to it as the day gets closer (some things I just couldn't have packed away for 5 weeks so I kept them easily accessible still, and on a list of "last minute grabs" so that I wouldn't forget anything, and just in case Kirby had to grab them for me he would know just what to do).

I honestly have convinced myself that I was about the have this baby several times...I'm apparently not going to be patient until he is here.

(don't be fooled into thinking I kept up my pre-baby gym routine by the workout attire...These were probably 2 of the only times I actually went! With being sick the whole time, and the Sacroiliac joint pain I became a bag full of excuses.)


A July in Dallas

Monday, August 10, 2015

Guys, is it just me, or did July fly by WAY too quickly?? How is it already August?? I'm honest baffled. July was hot, but that's a given. I seriously want to cry for my husband every time I walk outside. I don't know how he can walk in this 100+ heat all day every day, I sure do appreciate his many sacrifices to give us a good life. 

This past month we celebrated the 4th of July, as explained in this post...and it was marvelous.

Also HUGE shout-out to my husband who killed it at selling this past month. Blessings are real people.

And speaking of blessings...I also won a couple instagram giveaways (yes I am one of those people...but come on, babies are spendy!) How crazy is that though? They actually work! So now we get a free photoshoot when we get back to Idaho, a gift card to Oilo studios for some cute nursery decor, an awesome nursing/car seat cover, and a $200 diaper bag! Yay!


And naturally we went on our regular date nights (trying to fit them in before baby comes)! We're talking our favorite taco places, trying new restaurants, one massive water slide, a dine-in movie, and more.

 Ok ok I know, not the most attractive picture of me, but Kirby is just too cute, even when he is being silly and just went off the craziest water slide.

           Then of course we celebrated my hunk of a husband and his 29th year (details over here).

Other than that we have just been prepping for baby and soaking up every bit of time we have to cuddle and talk and just relax as the two of us!

Now on to August...quite possibly the biggest month of our lives!!

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