Fathers Day

Sunday, June 19, 2016

This is a post I have been struggling to find the words to write. Words simply cannot express how great of a father Kirby is for our Henry.

It's no secret that he is Henry's best friend. The way Henry lights up with excitement each time he hears his voice, sees his face, or even hears the front door open and anticipates his father walking through, is something I will always treasure. From the very beginning, these two have shared a bond that is unlike anything I have seen before.

Kirby melts at the sight of his son. Any second he can, he is holding Henry, making him laugh, telling him stories, and just soaking up his little boy. I watch him struggle for the words to express his feelings when he watches him sleep and can only say "he is perfect, I love him so much" and we both know that even those strong words are not enough.

I have seen my husband transform before my eyes as he has settled into his role as a father. There is no doubt that he was born to raise his kids, and he will do so with more strength and love than I knew were humanly possible. Henry is such a lucky boy to have a role model and best friend like Kirby.

My own father is someone I will always look up to. I have always compared men to him, and he set the bar high. He is the hardest working, most determined man I know, and we are so lucky to have him as a dad and grandpa. We love him so!

To celebrate his first official father's day I made him breakfast before church and set it out on the table with a couple wrapped gifts and a special homemade gift from Henry. A day earlier, I had painted Henry's perfect, chubby little hands, and then placed them as carefully as I could onto a sheet of cardstock. The back of the sheet is where I wrote Kirby's "card." 

After church the boys napped and I made Kirby his special dinner request, home made Mac and Cheese with jalapenos and bacon, served with a salad. Kirby then opened his gifts, a tie he had been eyeing, and a new, nicer white dress shirt... typical Father's Day gifts, I know. But he truly appreciated them! Then we snuggled in bed, ate dessert, and watched his choice of movie.

I love Kirb and the father that he is. Happy Father's Day!

Henry - 10 months

Monday, June 13, 2016

10 months...that's how long you have been alive, and those 10 months have been the wildest and best ride of my life.

You are my favorite little human that has ever been made, and it's amazing to me that I am the one who made you.

You have such a fun and unique personality. You open your mouth, scrunch your nose, and breath in and out of it quickly. You speak in a demon voice voice that is almost like a growl, and you have this gurgly voice that sounds like an alien. Last week you learned how to click your tongue and you were pretty proud of yourself. You also love to put your open, slobbery mouth on my fave and spit, lick and suck the heck out of it and you just think it is the funniest thing ever done on this planet.

You love having your mama and dada together, preferable as close as possible. You LOVE it when mama and dada kiss, you love to lay between us and touch us both at the same time, and it's a good thing we love it too!

You sweat buckets when you sleep, and the hair above your ears curls up to look like wings and it's just the cutest.

You pull yourself up onto everything and love looking out the windows.

You have SIX teeth and you love using them. Anything you can crunch between them is the biggest treat for you. You love drinking water and breast milk. You will eat any baby food as long as it is completely pureed or completely crunchy...but nothing that is pureed with chunks.

Everyone who meets you loves you and talks about what a happy (and stylish, but that's more of a compliment to me haha) baby you are! Your daddy's coworkers are obsessed with you, but who can blame them.

Also you survived your first natural disaster (hopefully the only one ever) an earthquake hit us last week and you slept through it all! But now I am rethinking my determination to move you out of our bed and back into your own...I can't protect you as easily if you aren't right by me!

We love you Henry James, and always always will.

(Henry's 10 month photo was shared by one of our favorite baby instagram accounts!)

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