2nd Trimester Recap

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that I have officially entered into the third and FINAL trimester of this pregnancy! So let's chat about the past three months, aka the 2nd trimester. From day one I have been looking forward to the day when I enter the second trimester. Everyone said that once I made it through the first trimester I would feel so much better, I would not be sick anymore, I would not be so tired anymore, everything would be sunshine and roses! Well friends, I have news for you, this is not the truth for everyone! I quickly realized that every pregnancy is different. There are no rules, there are no time tables. There is only a unique mom and each of her unique babies causing unique pregnancies.

Through a majority of the second trimester I was just as sick and tired as the first, but I had learned little tricks to ease the morning sickness and make it more manageable. Toward the end of the trimester the sick days were far fewer and more spread out, and now the mornings are becoming a lot more enjoyable!

I will give the "sunshine and roses" people a little credit. The 2nd trimester really was full of fun surprises and happy moments, aside from the sickness. We got to see our sweet baby on the big screen and he (yes HE) is already a sassy little cutie, even if "little" might be a bit of a stretch considering our macho man is already in the 95th percentile! His little button nose and plump little lips are already begging us for kisses, and those darling little toes had us giggling like school girls. He danced around the screen, moving constantly and kicking at the doctor as she pressed on my stomach.

And speaking of moving...baby boy is a freaking acrobat! He NEVER stops moving, and I love it more than anything. Everything from little flutter kicks to straight up somersaults. Sometimes I look down at my belly and it's like I'm watching an intense massage chair in motion. Lately his favorite thing is to push out as far as he can on my left and right side at the exact same time...over and over. On the rare occasion that he is being shy, we have figured out a few triggers that always get him bouncing: Kirby's singing, spicy food, cold food, keeping my hand in one place on my stomach for too long, thunderstorms, and laying on my right side.

PS: baby boy is already a total daddy's boy and it is the sweetest thing. With Kirby's long work hours, he is gone for the whole day and a lot of the night. But, as soon as he gets home and starts talking to me, no matter what time it is, the excited little baby kicks start!

I spent a little over 2 weeks without my baby daddy and it was rough. I had to finish my student teaching, and he had to be in Dallas for work, and let me tell you, that's when I realized the full extent of the raging pregnancy emotions. Everything made me cry. I cried every time we had to say good bye on the phone!

While we were apart I had to go to the doctor by myself for the first time! Baby's heart beat is still going strong and the monitor picked up the tiniest little hiccups! But I sure missed my husband, and I know that baby missed his daddy so much too...the second we were back with Kirby he went nuts!

But on other news...my belly is getting pretty huge...thanks to how big baby is! And he is putting a lot of strain on mommy's body! My belly button is creeping it's way out. I definitely have an outtie at this point, but there is still a long way for that sucker to go before he is fully out in the open. I don't have any stretch marks (yet) thankfully. I have been drowning myself in oils and creams every night in hopes that I can ward it off for as long as possible. Oh, and that dark line thing that shows up on the lower tummy area has extended almost to the bottom of my ribs! I didn't even know it could do that!

My cravings as of lately have been for a mixed coke/cherry slurpy, orange juice, cherry pie (but I don't know if I can blame the pregnancy for that one, it's been more of a 23 year long craving), peach passion Jamba Juice, anything else peachy, and fresh fruit. Pesto is really the only thing I absolutely cannot even think about eating without feeling sick...even typing the word was a stretch! I also have a hard time with Italian seasonings, particularly oregano, so spaghetti has been mostly out of the picture, but I can do pizza a lot of the time...so who knows.

And FYI crazy pregnancy dreams and the whole forgetful "pregnancy brain" those are NOT a myth! I won't bore you with detailed accounts of either, just know they exist.

So yeah, things are pretty normal. Lots of tears, sketchy dark lines, stretch mark cream, outtie belly buttons, tumbling unborn babies, cravings, psychotic dreams, and crazy brains...that's all normal pregnancy stuff right?

16 weeks
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20 weeks
 25 weeks
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27 (and a half) weeks...entering the 3rd trimester!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Motherhood has been on my mind a lot over the past 6 months or so, as I have watched and felt this baby grow inside me. I am going to be a mom in just a few short months, and yet I feel that that one simple title, is something that I am not worthy to hold. It's funny how three little letters have such a powerful influence. 

As a woman, one of the greatest powers we hold is the power to be a mom. I have had many women step up in my lives as mother figures, my grandmas, aunts, family friends, mother-in-law, and of course my actual mom. Each of these women have influence my life and taught me lessons that will live on with me forever. 

But, of course, no one has effected my life quite as entirely as my mom has. She has always been there to take care of me, from the time when I was an infant and completely reliant on her love and care, until now, when I am married, across the country and expecting a child of my own. 

I remember being a little girl and crying to my mom, begging her to never make me go to college, because I couldn't stand the thought of not having her near by. And now, at 23, I still cry every time they come to visit and I have to say good bye to the woman who I am honored to call mother. 

She cut my sandwiches just the way I liked them, brought me my homework or lunch to school each time I was forgetful on my way out the door, did and re-did my hair until my picky little self was happy, attended each of my dance/piano/choir/cheer performances, taught me to say my prayers and read my scriptures, held FHE for our family each week, sat by me every time I was sick, taught me how to be a true friend, and has been an unwavering example of the type of mother I wish to be.

When I think about holding the title of Mom, I feel confident in the knowledge that I have seen the type of mom I wish to be and if I can only emulate her example I will be successful. Our little boy is lucky to call this woman his grandmother, just as I am lucky to call her my mom.

Happy Mothers day Mom! And to all you mothers, and mothers-to-be! May you always recognize how special you are. Love you!

And now a shout out to my sweet husband, who made today oh so special for me with gorgeous flowers and the sweetest card that instantly brought me to tears. As I step into this new phase of life, being a mother, there is no one I would rather have by my side as the father to our son. I love you Kirby!

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