Wibergs in Cali

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I had the most wonderful chance to spend a couple weeks with all three of my sisters and my mom here in California. We ate more and better than we have in a long time. We visited the beach more often than normal. Henry got loved on harder than usual. We had basically the best time I could have imagined.

Before my mom got into town the four of us went to Universal Studios, but when I say Universal Studios I really mean Harry Potter World. It was amazing to be able to live our childhood fantasies together (read more about my first experience in my post a few back). We also got branded with the dark mark so...we are pretty cool.

Once my mom got here it was nothing but the best food spots, trips to the toy store, and the best of the best beach trips.

It is hard to be away from family every summer, this little trip was perfect.

Kirby's 30th

Friday, July 22, 2016

30 going on 13. Kirby is 30 can you believe it?? I make jokes about him being old all the time, but really he is still the same Kirby I met 5 years ago!

This birthday is kind of a big deal, as is the man who was birthed 30 years ago. So I did my best to make it a special day for him.

I splurged and finally got him some gifts I know he has been wanting (the big deal was finally getting a record player so he can actually listen to all those records he has been collecting!)

I brought donuts to his meeting, made him a sign with 30 things I love about him, decorated our little apartment, and made him his traditional birthday samoa cheesecake!

I even brought Henry and got to join him for lunch in his work area.

Once he was done working we went swimming and had a little "party" at home.

Kirby, in his usual goofy form, conducted the singing of "Happy Birthday To You," like we were a choir. Toward the end of the song his cake decoration caught on fire! I guess 30 lit candles next to little wooden skewers was not my brightest idea, but it sure added a little excitement to the night!

Our little party wasn't anything fancy, but it was fun and special, just like he is.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Birthday boo!

Henry - 11 months

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Boy have we had a crazy month, little guy. You have always been so good at coping with excitement and curve balls that throw off your schedule, I truly appreciate that.

You are completely obsessed with the beach. I finally decided to let a little loose on the reigns and let you explore in the sand. Boy did you love crawling around and eating that sand by the handful. You have loved water since day one, and that love has only grown.

You are still eating baby food and nursing...we try different food with you all the time and you just spit it right back out! We haven't pushed too hard, but soon my dear, soon we will get you eating table food. For now you can stick to your puree and cheerios.

You are getting more sturdy on your feet, but still need something to lean on to stand. I probably should be trying to get you to stand and walk on your own, but I know that once you take your first step my baby will be that much more grown up.

You actually love fireworks (which is funny because every time the servers sing happy birthday to someone at a restaurant too loud, you lose it), as we found out at an Angels game and then solidified on the 4th.

You think daddy and I are the funniest people alive, which I love. You also get a kick out of the silly snap chat filters!

You love your books, especially Good Night Moon. I have to keep them out of reach so you don't love them to death.

I just barely pulled the 18-24 month clothes out of their bin, and you have started to wear a few items already, mostly just the jammies. Can you please stop growing??

You are sick, again, and got your first big owie this morning (a fat, bloody lip)...so daddy and GG have gotten a lot of frantic calls from mama over the past few days. And the doctors have seen a lot of me, I take you in for EVERYTHING. I just hate seeing my little boo boo suffer, it honestly hurts me more than it probably hurts you.

We love you, and can't say it enough. Thank you for being our sweet boy, you will always be our baby.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'm a closet Harry Potter freak...mostly because I feel like the people who openly call themselves Harry Potter freaks are just looking for attention or something, and don't actually care about Harry Potter, at least not as much as I think they should. Guys, even my closest friends don't know what these books mean to me.

When I was in 3rd grade my Nana was visiting with us, she brought this brand new book with her (she is a librarian, so this was pretty regular). At night she would read me a chapter or so before I went to bed...this book was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I instantly fell in love...hard. When Nana had to leave, I cried (also pretty regular) and begged that she at least leave the book. She obliged, and said she would finish reading it to me next time she came. Guys, how on earth can you wait to finish such a magical book once you are caught under it's spell?? So it then started, my (almost unhealthy) habit of reading before bed. There were several times that my mom had to come take the book away and turn off the light forcing me to go to bed.

Once I had finished one of the books I would start it over and over until the next book came out, and I would repeat the cycle. Which explains how I have read them all at least 6 times (honestly I'm being modest here because I'm not even counting the several times I have listened to each audio book).

To this day, the only "music" on my iphone is one of the audio-book (I alternate). Once I had to read a biography for a 4th grade project...and I read JK Rowling's. I played the theme song for the movies, on the piano for my 7th grade talent show. Henry had heard books 4-7 by the time he turned 10 months old. I could go on but honestly it's kind of embarrassing and also comes across a little braggy...am I right?

I cried, legit tears, when we walked through the arch into Hogsmeade. It was every bit as magical as I had dreamed. I wanted to touch, stare at, practically kiss everything we passed. The music, the costumes, the buildings, each trinket, all of it, it was all perfect. 

The castle...there are no words. Being inside Hogwarts was one of the best feelings I have experienced. I took as many videos and pictures as possible, but the candle light made it hard for mere muggle cameras to capture.

I am not a ride person, not at all, but I went on the ride in the castle, and LOVED it. I had to squeeze Kirby's hand more than once. I was yelling our charms and curses, reaching for the snitch and clapping along with the rest of Gryffindor house (who was in the lead for the house cup btw, according the rubies in the hall). It was magic, pure magic.

We explored Zonkos, got our own wizard cards set and left Honeydukes with our pockets bulging with sweets.

Olivanders...the small shop bursting with magic. We got to see a young wizard fitted to his very own wand. I gasped and cheered and felt butterflies with him as he tried wand after wand and finally found his perfect fit. We then were able to get a close look at the wands of each of our favorite characters! Each one so different, unique, and full of personality. Luna's was one of my favorites, the handle was the shape of a delicate tulip. 

Have I mentioned the Butterbeer? It was heaven. Straight heaven in a cup. Creamy, buttery, perfect, heaven.

I met wizards from each house at Hogwarts, saw girls from Beauxbaton and boys from Durmstrang. I witnessed arguments between paintings in the corridors at Hogwarts, saw mandrakes ready to be pulled from their pots, had steam from a dragon's mouth blown straight in my face, sipped butterbeer outside the Three Broomsticks, heard owls hooting, spells being cast, and whispers about You Know Who. I lived, for a brief moment, in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I will never forget that day (and my next visit, or two) for as long as I live.

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