Cruise to Baja Mexico!

Monday, March 14, 2016

You guy!! We finally did it! We went on a cruise!! My hardworking husband was invited on a cruise with the team leaders from his region of Aptive, and a couple others. It was the perfect get away and perfect first family vacation. I was a little apprehensive about taking Henry with us, in fact, we talked to my mom about staying with him while Kirby and I partied on the ocean...but it only took maybe 15 seconds after talking about leaving him for us to realize that was NOT going to happen.

No way was I going to leave my ever growing, ever changing, ever evolving baby! He could be a completely different boy by the time I saw him again, at the rate he has been growing! And let me tell you, we made the right decision. I literally prayed that Henry would have fun and be a good boy so his mama and daddy could have fun too...and he was better than I ever imagined! I swear I am being 100% honest when I say that he only cried TWICE the entire trip! And both times, it was only because we kept him up way too late and the poor thing was exhausted.

The cruise was somehow completely relaxing, and completely exciting at the same time. The highlights for me include mostly the food...breakfast in bed, free room service (cheese cake at midnight? yes please), a Mongolian grill, the chocolate melting cake (probably my favorite), the fresh seafood (3 appetizers and 2 entrees please and thank you), and 24/7 soft serve and pizza...just to name a few! I gained back just about all of the baby weight and I still don't regret it. It was honestly SO hard to go back to having to cook my own boring

We also took a family nap every day which was SO nice! A) Because all three of us were together with no distractions. B) Because I didn't have to feel guilty about not doing any chores while I slept. And C) Because they made our bed every morning, AND after each nap so it was always nice and ready for us to gt cozy. 

So other than the food and the rest...Kirby road 4 wheelers and went on an amazin zipline/roap course! He took an awesome video...that sadly didn't save, but at least he has the memories right??

Henry was nothing short of a celebrity on the ship! Every worker and several passengers knew him by name and went out of their way to make sure we had fun with him! If you want to cut lines on a cruise ship take your baby, that alone might make it worth it!

All in all it was an incredible trip, and I am so lucky to have a sweet husband who works so hard!

Henry - 7 Months

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My baby, my sweet Henry babe, why do you do this to your Mama?
With every passing day you grow and change so much, I am scared to miss a single second.

Henry is looking less and less like a baby and it breaks my heart! He is almost grown out of his infant car seat...that should not be allowed.

Henry is such a happy and excited little guy. It isn't hard to put a smile on his face, or to entice a fit of giggles out of the blue.

He has two (very sharp) teeth, the two in the middle on the bottom to be specific!

He loves eating his big boy food. Green beans are his absolute favorite, followed by carrots, prunes, and bananas.

He is still nursing (scary with those teeth, I know). His hair is growing back, and while he has quite a bit now, it is SO pale that it is practically see through, and he looks as bald as ever.

His army crawl is getting close to the real thing, although we aren't quite there yet. And he isn't sitting up yet, mostly because as soon as we sit him up he lunges into a crawl toward something he most likely isn't supposed to have.

He has a recent case of stranger danger. He will still be ok with someone else holding him...if he is well rested...and only when he can see his mama or daddy close by. He prefers to have both Kirby and I near him. He will cry if either of us leaves the room, and is constantly looking around to make sure we are close by if we aren't holding him. When he is in his walker and I am doing dishes, he will walk right up next to me and hold only my pants or leg, when I am standing above him as he plays on the floor he will roll onto my feet and rest there, if I am sitting on the floor he rolls up against my legs, and when I lay on the floor I become a large obstacle course. He will climb up my torso and lay on/next to my face. I love every second of it.

He also has a newfound enjoyment for resting his head on pillows. Often times the throw pillows from the couch will end up on the floor for whatever reason, and he will roll until his head is elevated and resting on it, then not move a muscle until he is bored. That boys cracks me up!

He still pulls my hair like crazy, and I'm beginning to wonder if that will ever stop. 

He is obsessed with licking  the pedals on the piano (nasty right), and his all time favorite things to play with are cords (phone chargers, laptop chargers, lamp get the picture). It's a constant fight with him and quite scary for his mama.

One of my favorite things in this phase of his life is what we call his "scratchy hands." His little fingers are in a constant "open close open close" scratch motion. Whether it be fabrics, toys, skin, the air, his bath water, the floor, anything. It's always "scratchy hands" and I love watching those cute chubby, dimpled fingers scratching away. 

Another favorite from this phase is his crazy inhale laugh thing. It sounds like a loud, exasperated gasp, and it is always accompanied by an open, two toothed smile and wide eyes...usually with his head tilts back. It always sends Kirby and I into our own fit of giggles. 

Henry sleeps with us, and I'm not afraid to admit it. It makes us all happy, and we do it safely, and that's all that matters to me.

When we were at Target a couple of weeks ago I put a pair of bunny ears on Henry to see if they fit, and they were just too cute, so he wore them the entire shopping trip, to the pleasure of every shopper there. He has also now rates the tag off of two toys, during two different shopping trips, so we just had to buy them for baby. 

Guys, I love him. I could talk about rah cute little inch of him, but I could never convey exactly what he makes me feel. Being his mama is the best.

 This picture cracks us up, so I HAD to post it. It was an accidental picture, and it was dark so we didn't even see what it was taking a picture of until the flash went off...and left us with this. HA!

 He legit swaddled himself.

 Look at those pretty teeth!

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