Their Story

A Story About a Boy and Girl...

July 22, 1986: Boy is born

December 23, 1991: Girl is born

Late 2011: Boy begins to notice Girl on campus

January 2012: Boy and Girl officially meet at a party, where mutual friends introduce them. Boy and Girl simply say hi, then do their own thing the rest of the night.

Early February 2012: Boy and Girl start hanging out in groups. First at Girl's roommate's birthday, then Boy and Girl and friends start a small poker group. Eventually leading to group dates.

Late February 2012: Boy and Girl go on their first date alone. They see Star Wars in 3D and eat sour patch kids...soon after Boy and Girl become boyfriend and girlfriend.

 April-August 2012: Boy works in Atlanta, Georgia and dates Girl long distance while Girl is home in Spokane, Washington.

 Late August 2012: Boy comes to Spokane and asks Girl's dad for permission to marry her.

 September 20, 2012: Boy asks Girl to marry him, and Girl says yes!

 November 24, 2012: Boy and Girl are sealed for time and all eternity in the Spokane, Washington LDS Temple.

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The Story in Pictures:

Boy and Girl hanging out for first time.

Newly boyfriend and girlfriend visit SLC.

Girl visits Boy in Atlanta.

Boy comes to Spokane and gets permission to propose to Girl.

 Boy proposes to Girl and she says YES!

They tie the knot and live happily ever after.

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