Henry - 8 Months

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Henry doodle, you are the cutest thing I have ever seen and your daddy and I take turns telling you that...about every 5 seconds.

This month you graduated to a convertible car seat AND the big boy seat in your stroller.

You cross your ankles when you sleep, no matter what position you are sleeping in...but you prefer to sleep on your side these days. You love your Snowby. You eat a ton. You are a little chatter box and laugh or growl at everything. Your hair is really coming in, but it is still super fine, like duck fuzz, so when you wake up you have the cutest bed head. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. I will swear that the floor is clear and you somehow find something to sneak into that slobbery mouth. I seriously cannot turn my back on you. You LOVE electrical cords and that is pretty scary...so stop it. On your month birthday and the day we packed up your walker and moved out of the house, you learned how to climb up the little polls on the walker and push yourself out of it...straight on your head. I swear you are going to give me at least 7 heart attacks. You bonk your head on every surface around but it really doesn't phase you. You still love bath time. You love your mama and daddy and that is worth everything in the world to me.

 His first ride in the big boy seat!

 His first ride in his big boy car seat!

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