Saturday, October 31, 2015

We love Halloween in this house, this year was particularly special because it was little Hen Hen's first holiday! Yay! We are lucky enough to have enough space at our house to be the designated party place. This year we had our good friends over for a festive Halloween feast! We donned our costumes, decorated the house, pulled out every chair we could find, and enjoyed good company and good food. 

 Naturally Kirby made his spudnuts...a Halloween tradition!

 Apparently we were having too much fun to stop and take a group picture, but at least we got the table!

Now for the pumpkins...Halloween just isn't Halloween without a good old jack o lantern or two! Henry carved his own this year, didn't he do great? ;)

Pumpkin Patch

Friday, October 23, 2015

I am definitely a pumpkin patch type of girl...none of this buy a pumpkin at the store nonsense! Especially now that I have a babe of my own, I think it is important to get these family traditions started young. So our Henry got his first pumpkin patch experience...and despite the wind I think he enjoyed himself (as much as a 2 month old can).

At least we got some cute pictures...right Kirb?

Mandrew's Wedding

Friday, October 16, 2015

My little sister Mandy got married last month to the love of her life...and the wedding was straight out of a fairy tale. I mean, how can it get any more perfect than two people perfectly in love, surrounded by their friends and family, complete with twinkly lights, gorgeous florals, and lots of pie? And did I mention that fire works exploded over their heads as they left the reception? Safe to say there were several tears from this big sis.

Henry's 2nd Month

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My sweet boy is 2 months old! What?? He is the biggest blessing in our lives. We are constantly in awe at how lucky we are to have such a little angel to call our son. Henry has grown so much! He now weighs 13.5 pounds and is 24.5 inches long! Putting him in the 75th percentile for weight and 98th for height! The skinny little new born we brought home from the hospital now has a perfectly round little face and the yummiest thigh rolls.

Henry still lives off of pure breastmilk.
He also still loves to be swaddled.
Bing Crosby and Enya are his favorite things to listen to, particularly Loo Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra (An Irish Lullaby) by Bing.
His favorite place to lounge is on his daddy's chest.
He coos and caws like crazy.
He smiles all the time, and each one still melts my heart.
He is getting stronger by the day.
As of October 11th can roll from his belly to his back.
He is getting better about letting me set him down for a while to get things done around the house.
He is obsessed the the black cut out bats that are on our wall and the ceiling fan in the living room.
He is still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom.
 Our cutie is mostly bald on the top of his head, with quite a bit of hair on the sides and the back...so he looks like a little old man and we absolutely love it!
He has become a lot more aware and is oh so curious about his surroundings.
He loves to hang onto my hair and never let go on his own.
Oh and bath time is still a major highlight of his days.

During his two month check up Henry received several immunizations and he was such a tough little boy. He got pretty upset when they initially stuck him, but as soon as his daddy picked him up he calmed down...I however was more of a baby than my little baby.










 Nana and Henry
 My two best friends from growing up had babies within the same year, and through Hen and me the cutest little shower ever!

 2 month check up!


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