Henry's Blessing

Monday, September 21, 2015

The morning of Henry's blessing, I know he was surrounded by all his little angel friends. He could NOT stop smiling into apparently thin air as we fed and dressed him for his special day.

The sun was shining as we walked down to the church building near our house, carrying our sweet boy, dressed in white. 

At 9:18 am on September 13, 2015 Kirby carried our perfect boy up to the front of the chapel, followed by other family members. They gathered in a circle, and the second the blessing began, I could not hold back the tears. Kirby was lead and guided to give the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard. As he spoke of love, truth, and faith, I could feel the power of his words and the quiet strength that lies in our son.

Throughout the entire blessing Henry was wide awake, looking around, and  completely silent. I am sure he could sense the importance and sacredness of what was taking place.

I am so thankful to have a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood and for the baby that we get to call our own. 

I will never forget that sweet day and the spirit that resided in that sacrament meeting.

The day of his blessing also happened to be the day that Henry turned one month old! Happy birthday baby boy!

Henry - Month 1

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our little boy has brought more joy to our lives than we ever imagined could be possible. We could (and sometimes do) just stare at his sweet face all day long! 

Our first few days in the hospital we were constantly told what to do...when to feed him, how to feed him, when to be worried about his cries...everything. So going home was terrifying...there was too much to remember, and I didn't even know half of what would be required of me. And for those of you who know me, know that I am a stress case and I over think things way too much. When we got in the car to drive home I lost it. I was sure that every car we saw would hit us and hurt my baby, and that every bump in the road that made his little head bobble at all was going to strangle him. I was a paranoid mess.

Here we were, bringing home the most fragile, most precious, most important thing I had ever laid eyes on...and it was up to us to keep him safe, happy, and comfortable. This little boy, straight from heaven, was entrusted to me, and that was terrifying.

Luckily my mom flew in just minutes before we left the hospital and was there to take care of me and baby for his first almost 3 weeks of life. If she hadn't been there I could not have done it, period. She woke up with me in the middle of the night to help change him while I got ready to feed him, she taught me the ins and outs of nursing, fed us for every meal, ran any errand we needed bought me as much as she could to makes our transition more smooth and comfortable, and I owe her more than I can say. Also, shout out to Bailey, my 16 year old sister who came along and put up with my crazy emotions, helped me out in more ways than I deserved, and was forced to experience the rough parts of being a new mom way before her time! 

Within his first day or two home, Henry started to look a little yellow...and I (paranoid, crazy mom that I am) was sure our baby had something seriously wrong with him. He had an appointment on day 3, and they send us to the hospital to have his little heel pricked...which showed us that he had jaundice. So they send us a magical looking, glowing blanket that we were to keep on his skin at all times. Baby boy had to have his heel pricked every day after that, for a full week and it killed me to watch (yeah, I'm a baby). But it eventually went away, and our sweet baby got his pretty pink skin back!

When Henry was just 19 days old, we packed up our apartment in Texas and drove all the way back to Idaho. Our 2 day road trip (with one night in a hotel in Denver...thanks Dad!) took way longer than necessary...due to the fact that we had to pull over every couple of hours to change his diaper (often more than once), feed him, burp him and give him snuggles. All the while on the road, one of us was in the back seat next to his carseat, and I had my handy pump plugged into an adapter...It was an adventure for sure. So between washing the pieces for my pump in gas station bathrooms, a couple blow outs, and one entire night of no sleep, we sure felt/looked/smelled like new parents. But when we got home, and could relax and enjoy our sweet baby in our cozy home, it was all worth it. 
We had two weeks, to unpack, and spend time as a family before Kirby started school...and let me tell you, I have the most amazing man to call my husband. He never hesitates to aid in any way he can. He has changed more diapers than I have, and is always there to soothe the baby before I even have the chance to stand up. The way he loves his little boy is something I cannot put into words, but that anyone can see simply by the way he looks at his son.

Anyways...back to Henry. It kills me to see how much he has already changed in just one month of life! At his two week check up he was in the 97th percentile for height and 45th for weight...and he has grown so much since then. I know a lot of it is the postpartum depression, but this new mommy has already shed way too many tears of happiness and fear of her sweet baby growing up too fast.

From day one it has been plain that our Henry looks much like his dad, but I am hoping more of me starts to show up as he grows

Henry has been incredibly strong for a newborn, from the very beginning.
I caught his first smile on day 5 and he smiles with he darling open mouth smile all the time (especially after eating) and he laughs so hard that his body shakes when he is sleeping. I caught his first little giggle at 2 weeks but I wouldn't be surprised if we had heard them before that and just thought it was his noisy sleeping habbits.

One day 6 he lost his umbilical cord...and when I say lost, I mean that we literally never found it again.

Henry is probably the noisiest milk drinker/sleeper there is, and every little gasp, gulp, whimper, snore and sigh is endearing to the point where we just watch him and giggle at each sound.

Our little boy loves laying on his daddy's tummy, snuggling his face into the crook of your neck, being swaddled much tighter than necessary, and pulling on his mommy's hair.

Anyone and everyone who meets him can't get over how expressive he is. He is always pulling one face or another. 

When he is awake it is obvious that he is a curious little guy. He is always wide eyed, and excited to look around. He particularly loves watching ceiling fans and looking at the blinds when light is shining through them.

He could (and sometimes does) eat ALL day long...so his mamma can't get much else done. But he is a growing boy and needs his milk! 

Henry has always been good at sleeping at night, to the point where we have to go to creative measures to wake him up to eat

We could sit and snuggle, smell, and kiss our baby boy all day long. I want to remember every detail of him being this tiny. He changes so much, so quickly, and is growing way too fast.

So...excuse me for all the pictures, I am definitely one of THOSE moms.

 {we were so lucky to have grandma with us}
 {ALWAYS hungry}
 {first bath at home}

 {I live in my robes now, don't mind me}

 {those cheeks!}

 {I can't believe how skinny he used to be!}

 {glowing baby}


~ 1 week old ~



{meeting the cousins}

 {that face!}

~ 2 weeks old ~



{first time to church as a family of 3}
 {after a blow out on the road}

~ 3 weeks old ~
 {loving being able to stretch out, finally out of the car and in the hotel}
 {daddy's boy}

{taco bout the two cutest boys alive}

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