Henry - 15 months

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I swear as soon as I finish one of these I am writing the next! How do these months move so quickly? 
Henry is a social butterfly! Everyone we pass in the store gets a kiss blown at them, an excited wave accompanied by a drawn out "hiiiiiii" or an applause from Henry.

Anything that is hollow he shoves toys and knick knacks in. Anything with a lid on it he is determined to open.

We put a couple of gates up in the doorways separating the living room from the kitchen and the hallway. The first day these were up he would just stand and let out quick, short screams letting us know that he was annoyed. Now, we just expect to see a little pile of toys, throw pillows, and who knows what else on the other side.

Henry is a CLIMBER! We turn our eyes from him for a second and he is on top of the end tables, trying to stand on the arm of the couch, or trying any other sort of crazy circus trick!

We spend most of the day chasing him around, but we love the energy and excitement that constantly flow from him. He literally wakes up with a smile, and most of the time a clap or a wave.

He now signs "all done" as well as "more" and says "don't" and "throw" at least we think that's what he is saying!

He likes to eat peaches and salad with the Olive Garden dressing.

We cannot get enough of him, even when he is full of sass and squeals!

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