Sunday, September 11, 2016

I have never experienced magic like I did yesterday. Watching Henry's eyes light up as he tried to take in the beautiful chaos around him is worth everything. I cried as soon as we saw the castle, several times throughout the day, and when Kirby pulled me from the park.

Friday night, Kirby's boss called him and asked if we'd want to go to Disneyland, Kirby turned to me and I all but yelled "DUH" and got to packing the essentials. They are annual pass holders and know all the ins and outs, so I knew we'd be in good hands.

We walked in and I died...in a manner of speaking. Being the beginning of the fall season the place was decked out with pumpkins galore! Our first move was to take a picture in front of the giant Jack O Lantern Mickey and get a "1st Visit" pin for Henry and me. Because, did I mention that this was my first time??

The day was hot, very hot. We met a few of the most important characters (Tinkerbell, Belle, Mary Poppins, etc.) I spend a bit of time in the baby center (keeping Henry fed, changed, and cooled off) which is one of the cutest places I think I will ever step foot in! Kirby went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we got to know the Nielsons a little better, and snacked...because really, I was just as excited for the snacks as I was for anything else there!

Our friends recommended we got a mint julep on top of the list of foods I HAD to get there. This is the absolutely most refreshing drink you can think of. It is a cherry limeade infused with mint, topped with a lemon wedge, fresh mint leaves, and two skewered maraschino cherries. I was a little skeptical but OH my goodness it was just what we needed on such a hot September day!

We then went on the Haunted Mansion ride which was all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas swag, because 'tis the season and all that. 

One of the highlights (of the hot part of the day at least) was the Dole Whip I had heard oh so much about. Let's just say it lived up to the hype, and I am still dreaming about it!

And by that point Henry was EXHAUSTED from the heat, and missing his morning nap. So, we took a quick trip back to the apartment (living 5 minutes away definitely has its perks). We all took our sweaty clothes off, I nursed Henry and got him to sleep for about an hour, we dressed in fresh clothes, then we ate a quick lunch and were back at it!

The last half of the day was my absolute favorite. It's as if the true magic comes out at night. For one thing, it was heck of a lot cooler, and the lights on everything brought a whole new atmosphere.

We first explored California Adventure a bit, and bought Henry a cute little Mickey Mouse (that he is obsessed with). 

Then, we went on all the kiddie rides (thank heavens Henry is my excuse to not look so childish for loving these the most). Henry did not want to let go of the steering wheel on the motorcar in the Mr. Toad ride. I didn't want to get off of the Peter Pan ride (tears might have come out at the immense beauty and nostalgia of one of my favorite movies coming to life). We also rode the Carousel about 3 times...and could have gone more. 

The best part about the night time at Disney though? The fireworks. Definitely the fireworks. We grabbed some AMAZING treats at the Jolly Holiday Bakery (ummm Matterhorn Macaroon anyone??) and then parked ourselves smack dab in the middle for the show. Fireworks, Disney music, yummy treats, and my two favorite boys by my side? Heaven, I was in heaven. 

After a few more kiddie rides, a game of peek a boo with Mickey and Minnie, and another stop in the gift-shop, it was after midnight, and just like Cinderella, I was whisked off to the chariot and forced to leave the magic behind. It truly was a day I will treasure for the rest of my life.





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