Henry - 13 months

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I know that some people frown upon referring to anything over a year in terms of months, but the truth is that one month can make such a difference. Henry is still growing, changing, and adapting right before my eyes.

This last month has been my very favorite. We have been able to share some incredible experiences, since he turned a year old, including a trip to my favorite place on the Oregon coast, and Disneyland! Henry is becoming so much fun. Since he was just a few days old people have been commenting on how expressive and full of personality he is, and that hasn't changed one bit. But, we are starting to see that with personality comes attitude. Our feisty little guy is learning to throw some pretty good fits, and we are trying to nip that habit already!

He LOVES airplanes. He can hear and spot one before most of us, and picks his airplane toy (and any other toy really) and makes it fly around making airplane noises.

He says "woof woof" when he sees a dog (or anything resembling a dog: his sloth, mickey mouse, ok really any animal is a "woof woof." But, when he says it it sounds more like "vvvfvvfvvvf" and it's the best. He puts his whole body into it too.

He is finally starting to eat more solid foods, but still will only take a bit at a time.

We can't let him anywhere near the bathroom or he is at the toilet licking anything he can, and dumping out the trash.

He is a "hoot" as some would say, and we love the heck out of him!

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